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24 hour call out phone us on
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Our mobile units operate around the clock 24 hours 7 days a week to replace and repair tyres roadside & on site for cars, wagons, commercial vans and both large and small plant throughout Manchester North West England & Nationally across the UK.

Nortons Tyres Opening times
Car + Van Mon - Fri 8am - 6pm
Truck + Plant Mon - Fri 7am - 6pm
Car + Commercial Saturday 8am - 2pm

We also provide an out of hours service from 5pm for Greater Manchester, Out of hours cost is £120 plus price of tyre if needed all prices are subjected to vat.
If you are local a variable day rate applies upto 6pm, if you are an account holding customer the full 24 hour call out service is extended for the whole of the UK.

Please when ringing our Out of hours technicians have to hand your correct Tyre size and full Location for a speedy response.
Your tyre size can be found on the side wall of your tyre as a set of three numbers ie ....225/40/R18.

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Part Worn Tyres

Part worn tyres are pre-used tyres.

Garages and owners of vehicles which have suffered irreparable breakdown, often attempt to salvage as many separate parts from such vehicles as possible.

This being the case, there is a booming trade around the world in everything from second hand car batteries to pre-loved air compressors.

Naturally then, part worn tyres are a common staple of second hand component markets also.

Cheaper Alternative

Most motorists think of poor quality tread bare tyres when asked about Part worn tyres from a dodgy garage.

This is not the case these days.

In the current economic crisis a growing number of motorists are shopping around for a more cost-effective solution when their tyres need replacing.

Buying tyres which are part worn is a cheaper alternative to buying brand new tyres.

In fact, with even budget brands of tyres starting in the £15 per piece price range, many people choose branded, part worn tyres over new tyres whenever they need to refit their vehicle or replace tyres due to damage and/or natural wear and tear.

Our Low Discounted prices for part worn tyres are from

13″ £15 - £20
14″ £20 - £25
15″ £20 - £25
16″ £25 - £30
17″ 18″ 19″ £30 - £40

Environmentally Friendly

As well as being Price Friendly, part worn tyres are also Environmentally Friendly by recycling older tyres.

Part Worn Tyres At Nortons Tyres Manchester

Firstly though, it is important to allay a few misconceptions.

Yes, part worn tyres are cheaper than new tyres, however, it is still a legal requirement to have any tyre on any vehicle replaced once wear on a tyre has reached 1.6mm down into any tyres overall pattern depth.

This being the case, part worn tyres might be cheaper, but in many cases this comes at the expense of significantly reduced tyre lifetimes.

Depending on drivers and vehicle owners immediate requirements, Nortons Tyres in Manchester will therefore often advise customers not to invest in part worn tyres if not suitable for purpose.

Part Worn Tyres & Safety

Of course, there are always legitimate reasons for using part worn tyres.

Maybe you need to get back on the road quickly and/or are only looking for a temporary tyre replacement.

Likewise, there are many practically new tyres on the part worn tyre market.

First and foremost when choosing part worn tyres though, is you and your future road safety.

At Nortons Tyres, all of our part worn tyres have subsequently been rigorously tried and tested.

Inspected internally and externally for any evidence of potential compromised safety and performance, Nortons Tyres in Manchester is therefore your one stop shop for both new and part worn tyres.

Tyres which you can rely on no matter what you need them for.

We always advise all our Customers as to whether you need new tyres on your vehicle or whether part worns are suitable and we always place our Customers safety first.

Nortons Tyre Repair & Replacement Service

Nortons Tyres provide a 10 strong fleet of mobile tyre vans complete with experienced operators working throughout Manchester and the North West.

Nortons are proud to be a preferred supplier for the AA.

We have one of the largest stocks of car, commercial, plant and industrial tyres in stock available today.

We now offer the most responsive and competitive commercial and consumer tyre and wheel service in the North West.

Nortons are happy to be able to offer all our clients incredibly competitive prices.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your tyre requirements further.

Mobile tyre Fitters Mobile tyre Fitters Tyres Manchester North West
Mobile tyre Fitters Mobile tyre Fitters Tyres Manchester North West
Mobile tyre Fitters Mobile tyre Fitters Tyres Manchester North West
Mobile tyre Fitters Mobile tyre Fitters Tyres Manchester North West